About Guyana Mission Outreach Program

My involvement with Pilgrim Overseas Missionary Society goes back for more years that can be remembered and it was through that missionary effort the awareness of "Camp Wesleyana" came about.

While being active in the development of Camp Wesleyana as a representative from P.O.M.S. it became increasingly evident of the needs of other evangelical groups such as Carmel Bible Camp on the Essequibo Coast, Good News Baptist Church in Anna Regina, Vreed-en-Hoop Wesleyan Church and The Baptist Bible Camp off the Essequibo River and at times some very real personal needs for schooling etc.

It was out of that awareness and the desire to reach out and help in whatever way we can and with the vision of giving them a "Fishing Rod" the idea of GUYANA MISSION was born. All the services we provide is simply a gift to enable them to better manage their resources without any strings attached and across all denominational lines. The stanza of the very well known song says it better, "All one body we, one in hope and doctrine one in charity"

Our relocation to Florida from New Jersey and the opportunity that was afforded us by the P.O.M.S. mission opened the door for the start up of the Guyana Mission Outreach Program and while there are times when a fish has to be given based on the circumstances, giving them a "Fishing Rod" is always better, that is what our mission is about.


   Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Founder/ President: Al and Doreen Bruce
Al & Doreen are both Guyanese born who knew the Lord and each other from their teens and answered God's call to give back to the land of their birth. They both have many years of ministry in the service for the Lord. In their professional life Al was a mechanical engineer for Johnson& Johnson and Doreen as a Registered Nurse for Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center. Al is also an Ordained Minister and holds a Bachelor of Biblical Studies from Trinity Biblical University. They have a marriage union of 46 years being blessed with two sons and seven grandchildren.

Vice President:
Ransford Foster was born in Jamaica. He is the oldest of nine children. Ransford has been married to Fay for 42 years, and is the father of six children. He studied Baking Technology and worked in the baking industry in Jamaica for 11 years. Then, in 1983 he migrated to the U.S.A. and worked in the baking industry in New York for 23 years until he retired in 2006. After relocating to Ocala, Florida in 2007, he was baptized and became a member of Maranatha Baptist Church where he now serves as a Deacon.

Secretary: Dr. Kenneth Daniels:
Born in Guyana, Kenneth was “saved” when twelve years of age. In his teens, he was called to help others in the medical and other spheres of life as needed. He is married, has four children and two grand-children. He’s lived on four continents where he volunteered in the Spiritual, Medical, Educational and Agricultural development of the community. “It has been rewarding to observe families increasing their skills, in growing their own food, their learning and providing a foundation for life advancement,” he states. He says that his parents demonstrated the benefits of hard work, inspiring him not only to do the same, but also to share the with anyone who is willing to alleviate poverty of money and in mind. He is enthused with the opportunity of serving God with the Guyana Mission Outreach Program, and, he states, “to whom much is given, much is required,” and,” “whatever your hand finds to do, do it as unto the Lord.”

Director of Administrations:
Tammi has worked in ministry since her teen years and has a heart for missions. She has been the Administrator at The Good Spirit Foundation for 12 years and is the youth Bible Study teacher at her church. Tammi holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida in Public Relations; she also holds a Florida real estate broker’s license and has 12 years in business management experience.

Director: Leonard Lewis