Guyana Mission Outreach Program


Welcome to our site of Guyana Missions and we trust your spirit will truly be blessed to see the hand of God in His provision for the development of His Kingdom in Guyana.

Guyana is situated at the top of the South American Continent, between Venezuela and Dutch Guiana and was formerly called British Guiana before its independence from Great Britain in 1966. Guyana also has the unique distinction of being the only English speaking country on South American Continent. Much awaits you by way of information of the scope of our mission, however to truly understand and appreciate your journey please read the introduction of how it all got started at it puts everything else in perspective. See" Founders' Message" on the right, for this information. Welcome again and God bless

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   Mission Statement

Guyana Mission Outreach Program (GMOP) is a non-profit, volunteer based outreach program that is dedicated to the support of Evangelical Organizations in Guyana. The development of economic, and environmental programs is done through a network of Guyanese nationals, Guyanese-Americans, and all others concerned and interested in the development of Guyana Evangelical Communities.

Vision Statement

Give a man a fish and he will ask for more.
Give him a fishing rod and he will catch fish.
Our goal is to give them a "Fishing Rod"
and train them to catch fish.